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Ksiitsikominaa: The Thunder Chief Gallery
Fort Whoop Up National Historic Site
Lethbridge , Alberta


consisting of approximately
50 ceremonial and traditional
items. Each piece is
authentic and has an oral
history. The sharing of a
large family history by the
Day Chief (Thunder Chief)
family has been instrumental
in securing significant
additional Plains Culture

Materials from both the
Glenbow Museum (Calgary) the
Williams Family (Kainai) as
well as several smaller
accessions attributed to the
Blackfoot community.
   The collection represents
the history of the Kainai,
and describes Leo's family
history, and his ancestor's

and spiritual path. The
Blackfoot objects range from
ceremonial to traditional
items. The collection
preserves traditional and
cultural beliefs through such
artifacts and oral legends.
   The collection resides as
the Ksiitsikominaa -Thunder
Chief Gallery at Fort Whoop-

Up National Historic Site in
Lethbridge, Alberta.
   "Please keep in mind that
these objects are replicas -
although people have
approached me to share their
experience with this
collection and how they felt
a presence during a tour.
From my point of view, I can

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