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The Women of Bamfield
Bamfield Community School Association
Bamfield , British Columbia


   Bamfield is a small,
isolated village on the west
coast of Vancouver Island.
For many years the only way
of getting to Bamfield was by
water, and later by air. In
the 1960s a road was built
from Port Alberni, making it
possible to drive the 80
kilometres to Bamfield. It is

still a gravel logging road.
   Much of Bamfield's
history has been told through
the eyes and stories of men.
Some of these men worked at
the Bamfield Cable Station
which was established in 1902
as a link on the All Red
Route. Some worked at the
Bamfield Lifeboat Station,

established in 1907. Still
others were fishermen who
made their living on the sea,
or in the businesses that
supplied and serviced the
fishing industry.
   This exhibit is an
attempt to acknowledge the
women who have lived in
Bamfield over the years and

whose stories, don't always
get told; the women who
stayed at home while their
men went out to fish; the
women who ventured out, often
in small clinker boats to
fish; the women who had to
maintain the light plants on
their own, tipping up 45
gallon drums of fuel into the

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