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The Women of Bamfield
Bamfield Community School Association
Bamfield , British Columbia


family generator so that heat
and light could be
maintained; the women who
travelled by canoe or rowboat
to visit family or to picnic
in the islands. Wood had to
be split; dinners had to be
cooked on the wood fired
stoves; women ran the local
fishing co-ops and supply

stores. The Red Cross
Hospital Auxiliary; the
United Church Women's
Auxiliary; May Queen
Celebrations; the Community
Hall Society- these helped to
provide social structure and
camaraderie within the
community and as such were
important in the lives of

these women.
   We acknowledge that many
of Bamfield's women have not
had their stories told here.
We apologize for the
omissions and welcome having
families contact us so that
we can update this exhibit

   We wish acknowledge the
generosity of the families
and friends who povided the
stories and photos of their
mothers, aunts, sisters,
cousins or friends. As well,
we are grateful to the people
who have donated photos and
items to the Bamfield

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