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Fairfield Comes Alive
Fairfield Museum & National Historic Site
Bothwell , Ontario


   Fairfield, a Moravian
mission within the wilds of
the Carolinian forest of
southwestern Ontario, is the
first settlement of Europeans
within the present day
confines of the Municipality
of Chatham-Kent in 1792. The
peaceful settlement was
located along the northwest

bank of the Thames River at
the large bend in the river,
half way between the present
communities of Bothwell and
Thamesville. Moravian
missionaries and Delaware
First Nations who were
fleeing Pennsylvania from
religious persecution settled
the village.

   David Zeisberger, a
Moravian clergyman, led the
mission originally from
Moravia, founded missionaries
at Muskingum River in Ohio
and Fairfield in Ontario. On
October 12, 1806, David
Zeisberger wrote:
   Our brethren returned
from Malden this week. They

received their gifts from the
agent as usual and may
provisions as well. Since
several hundred Indians were
looked after ahead of them,
they were away longer than
usual this time. Some wares
were sent to our elderly and
poor. The helper, Jacob,
divided them among the needy.

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