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Fairfield Comes Alive
Fairfield Museum & National Historic Site
Bothwell , Ontario


Judging by what they brought
home, i.e. shotguns, powder
and shot, kettles, tobacco,
and articles of clothing, the
gifts were worth at least one
hundred Pennsylvanian pounds.
This gives a good indication
of how much the English
government spends on the
Indians each year. The

Indians in the States claim
they receive a lot less than
the Indians on the English
side. We did not begrudge our
Indians their yearly
presents. On the other hand,
it pained us to see that
several of our young people
fell into sinful pagan
practices which so often

happens on these occasions.
Some who had danced with the
heathens excused their
behaviour saying that the
agent, McKee, had done the
same. Right now, the brethren
are gathering chestnuts which
are abundant this year. They
returned home heavily laden.
   This peaceful settlement

thrived within the wilds
until October 5, 1813, when
the victorious American army
decided to burn it to the
ground following the Battle
of the Thames, which was
located approximately 2
kilometres southwest of the
Fairfield village. All that
remain of the village today

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