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Pioneers Use, Reduce, Re-cycle, and Reuse in McCord and southern Saskatchewan
McCord and District Museum
McCord , Saskatchewan


that they used for their own
benefit and for their
neighbours’ benefit. Remote
locations, little money, and
time to think encouraged men
and women make innovative and
creative things that made
their farms and homes better.
Pioneers created new
communities with businesses,

schools, churches, clubs,
local governments, and they
worked to obtain the services
they needed. The people that
lived before us left a legacy
of caring for the land, and
using resources thoughtfully.
Many of these attitudes
continue on in prairie people
and communities today. McCord

and District Museum and
community members contributed
pictures and information to
this exhibit. The
Communications Class of
Glentworth School 2012 also
contributed their perspective
through material they

   McCord and District
Museum Collection

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