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Pioneers Use, Reduce, Re-cycle, and Reuse in McCord and southern Saskatchewan
McCord and District Museum
McCord , Saskatchewan


   McCord and District Museum
in southern Saskatchewan
Canada would like to share
how the pioneers in our area
used and reduced the use of
things that they had. In the
early 1900s and in the years
that followed, they learned
to reuse and recycle. They
became thrifty and

innovative. Pioneers used the
old trails that crossed the
grasslands to get to their
homesteads and to visit their
neighbours. Water in creeks
and rivers was valuable, and
they dug wells. They learned
to preserve ice in winter, to
keep their food cool in
summer. Fuel for heat and

cooking came from the prairie
in the form of dung, brush,
local coal, and dried plant
stalks. Local materials were
used to make dugout houses,
brush shelters, sod homes,
adobe houses, and a few stone
houses. Animals and plants
contributed feathers, fur,
leather, fibre, and food.

Animals provided farm power
and transportation. Gardens
and wild plants helped to
sustain life. Metal, wood,
paper, and cloth were highly
valued. They were used and
recycled. They were used in
hundreds of ways. Nothing was
wasted. The new settlers came
with skills and abilities

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