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ART-i-FACT: 88 East Cordova
Gallery Gachet
Vancouver , British Columbia


   This exhibit presents
glimpses of an artistic
community's evolution at the
forefront of avant-garde, alt-
mainstream art within the
walls of the Boyd Building at
88 East Cordova Street,
Vancouver. It offers
artifacts from Gallery
Gachet's archive, photos and

additional source material
including interviews with
former "unrecorded" tenants.
   88 East Cordova has
served as a backdrop to
various phases in the city's
history, both industrial and
commercial, as well almost
forty years of independent
artistic production and

presentation. This exhibit
illustrates significant
moments of the building, and
particularly its creative
tenants, since the building's
construction in 1904. A
timbre structure was first
erected at the turn of the
century, but we believe due
to a fire the building got

completely rebuilt by Thomas
Boyd in 1928. Built by the
Boyds and then later
purchased by the Chen family,
the history of this building
also reflects Vancouver's
rich and fascinating legacy
of ethnic diversity.
   While official records
describe the building as

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