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Tough Railroaders, Rough Railroad
Revelstoke Railway Museum
Revelstoke , British Columbia


   Welcome to the Revelstoke
Railway Museumís Community
Memories exhibit. We invite
you to pull up a seat and
listen to a story or two.
Join us in Business Car #4
where our retired railway
storytellers gather together
to reminisce.
   The construction of the

Canadian Pacific Railway
(CPR) through the western
part of Canada established
more than a transportation
link to connect a nation. The
railway established a
permanent community of people
in the interior who, with
determination and sacrifice,
took up the challenges

inherited from their
predecessors. Their personal
experiences speak to
maintaining the national
dream for the benefit of all
who call this country home.
You are invited to bear
witness to their memories.

   These stories speak to
the survival of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, communities,
families, individuals and
ultimately of the nation.
History tells us of the when
and where of events. Here you
have an opportunity to hear
the story from the
railroaders who lived it and

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