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Tough Railroaders, Rough Railroad
Revelstoke Railway Museum
Revelstoke , British Columbia


one story leads to another...
   Over the course of time
railroaders have charted the
history of this country and
their legacy. Looking back on
photographs of a bygone era
you begin to see more when
taken in the context of
accompanying stories. While
artefacts give us a sense of

the times, it is the words
that provide the meaning.
   The life of a railroader
has its challenges. When
asked if they would do it
again, facing the challenges
of the weather and long
hours, some would, some
wouldn’t. Witnessing their
determination and sacrifice,

hearing their community
memories, this legacy
contributes to a fuller
understanding of Canada.
   The retired railroaders
who participated in our oral
history events look back on
their lives – the good and
bad – with a willingness to
share. Although unpredictable

and challenging, a life on
the railroad appears to
foster a resilient spirit.
   The Revelstoke Railway
Museum’s mission is to
collect, preserve, and
interpret the history,
heritage, and significance of
the Canadian Pacific Railway
Company within the region,

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