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The Harmsworth Connection
Grand Falls-Windsor Heritage Center
Grand Falls-Windsor , Newfoundland and Labrador


Alfred settled on the Grand
Falls site for the
development of a mill.
Photographic records exist
detailing the construction of
that project as it arose in
the wilderness which will be
shown in the exhibit in
detail accompanied by
pictures showing the

construction of the mill and
the town.
   What the Harmsworths
started was, in effect, the
Industrial Revolution in
Newfoundland, Britain's
oldest colony. The
development in Central
Newfoundland offered the
people their first real taste

of money in their pockets,
accompanied by an extremely
comfortable existence in a
mill-owned town. Alfred
Harmsworth was determined to
build an English Garden
Community, and that is what
developed. Newfoundlanders
from all over the province
made their way to Grand Falls

for a better life, and a
thriving community was soon
on the map. The exhibit will
show Grand Falls as the
garden community that Alfred
Harmsworth had imagined.
   The Anglo-Newfoundland
Development Company (as the
Harmsworths' enterprise was
named) imported the model

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