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The Harmsworth Connection
Grand Falls-Windsor Heritage Center
Grand Falls-Windsor , Newfoundland and Labrador


   This exhibit begins with a
focus on the Harmsworth
family history which has its
roots in Dublin, Ireland.
Born into poor circumstances,
they rose within a forty year
span to become one of the
richest families in Great
Britain with the two eldest
boys becoming peers of the

realm - Alfred as Lord
Northcliffe and Harold as
Lord Rothermere. The
Harmsworth Family left its
mark in many fields but, for
Newfoundland, none was more
significant than the
construction of the largest
pulp-and-paper mill in the
world on the banks of the

Exploits River, begun in
1903. This history will be
incorporated into the
beginning of the exhibit
through pictures and text to
introduce the people
responsible for building
Grand Falls-Windsor from the
ground up.
   In 1903, Alfred

Harmsworth sent his brother,
Harold, to North America to
scout out sites for an
industry which would secure
the raw materials feeding
their newspaper empire in
Britain. Though Harold and
his companion, Sir Mayson
Beeton, recommended a site in
Quebec as being preferable,

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