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What a priest!
Musée Vieux Presbytère de Batiscan
Batiscan , Quebec


   Built in 1816, the Old
Presbytery was once the heart
of parish life. Despite its
venerable age, the building
has barely been affected by
the passage of years. Your
virtual tour will immerse you
in the middle of the 19th
century to discover the
presbytery as it was at the

time of Wenceslas Théophilas
Fréchette, who lived there as
Batiscan’s parish priest from
1843 to 1875.
   You are invited to look
through the different parts
of the historic house, to
catch a glimpse of the daily
life of a country priest of
that time. Through a series

of images, texts, audio-
visual excerpts, archival
documents and some
testimonials, you will
witness a reality that no
longer exists today: the role
of a priest in the
organization of the life of a
community. The priests of
that time were pastors and

liturgical leaders, but also
legal, financial and marital
advisers, and much more. As
they were more educated than
was average and represented a
divine power, they were
dominant authority figures
for the faithful who were
under their leadership. The
example of Batiscan is

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