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What a priest!
Musée Vieux Presbytère de Batiscan
Batiscan , Quebec


typical of the lifestyle of
rural priests of that time.
   Moreover, What a Priest!
is an exhibit that tells the
life of an ambitious
businessman... When, in 1867,
the parishioners decided to
erect a new church, Father
Fréchette recovered the old
church to set up a matchstick

factory. His initiative
startled many. However, the
scandal was short-lived, as
the church-factory burned
down just months after its
operationalization. Perhaps
it is to be expected when
playing with fire!

   Sincere thanks for their
contribution to the project:
Mr. Denis Thiffault, 2008
president of the board of the
Friends of the Old Presbytery
of Batiscan, Mr. Luc Béraud,
2008 president of the
Batiscan's Historical Society
and Mr. Mathieu Pont-


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