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One Man's Passion: Hans Hoffmann's Engines.
Pitt Meadows Museum
Pitt Meadows , British Columbia


   Hans Hoffmann arrived in
Pitt Meadows, along with his
parents and sister, in 1934.
Then a 22 year old man and a
graduate of the Trapp
Technical School in New
Westminster, Hans was about
to embark on his career as a
mechanic in this small
community located 50

kilometers east of Vancouver.
The Hoffmann's were a
farming family, first in
Grandview, Manitoba and then
Aldergrove, B.C., but Hans
had a passion for machinery
and the family chose Pitt
Meadows as the place he would
begin his long and valued
career. For almost 45 years

Hans worked in and then ran
the family business out of
12277 Harris Road. A garage,
a machine shop, a ditching
and drainage business, and,
for a time, the community
fire hall, Hoffmann and Son
Ltd. was a mainstay in the
mostly agricultural

   Starting in 1974, as he
was approaching retirement
age, Hans began his hobby of
collecting and restoring
stationary gasoline engines.
By 1979, the year he retired,
Hans had thirteen engines
restored and had participated
in his first engine show
after Tom Hobbis of the

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