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Life at the Lakes
Queens County Heritage
Gagetown , New Brunswick


   From Aboriginal times to
the present, Queens County,
New Brunswick and its lakes,
the Washademoak and Grand
Lakes, have hosted a vibrant
transportation network and
travel industry. Whether
experiencing the relaxation
of the many shorelines as a
guest, returning home to

rekindle childhood memories,
or plying the waters to make
a living, visitors to the
lakes always leave with an
enhanced appreciation of the
natural beauty of the region.
Residents on the other hand,
are happy with a few memories
and the economic investment
left behind by the travelers.

   Queens County,
established in 1785, has an
area of over 3,681 kilometres
square that is divided into
ten parishes. With an
overall population of 11,708
according to the 2006 census,
Queens County is fortunate to
include a number of active
communities. From Welsford in

the south, to Minto and
Chipman in the north and to
Cambridge-Narrows and the
Village of Gagetown in
between, the communities of
Queens County are as diverse
as their locations. Our
visitors and activities are
as diverse as our
communities. From boating,

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