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Life at the Lakes
Queens County Heritage
Gagetown , New Brunswick


fishing, and swimming in
Grand Lake, Washademoak Lake,
and the St. John River; to
rock-climbing on and around
Mount Douglas near Welsford;
to hiking and bird watching
in Queens County's many parks
and nature preserves,
visitors have found numerous
ways to enjoy Queens County's

numerous natural resources.
Home to a vibrant arts and
culture scene, the county
also offers its visitors a
number of interesting
heritage sites and
attractions, many of which
have a long history. Events
form another important part
of our identity with several,

both long-running and
recently established, drawing
visitors from all over the
world to experience Queens
County's unique culture and
friendly hospitality.
   This exhibit tells the
story of the historic and
contemporary travel industry

in Queens County by exploring
the various means of arrival
and departure, locations of
accommodations, work and
leisure activities,
entertainment, and the home
and business connections.
Using photographs and records
from the past and the
present, as well as current

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