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The Shawville-Clarendon-Thorne Historical Record Project, 1973
Pontiac Historical Museum
Shawville , Quebec


collection of snapshots and
set pieces, which give a view
into life and times beyond
living memory, was thus
   Just as the Project was
wrapping up, participants
discovered that the former
railway station of the
Pontiac Pacific and

Junction Railway had been
sold and was slated for
demolition. The Historical
Record Project was completed,
but there were funds
remaining, and the
participants gained
permission to apply those
funds towards procuring the
station building to be a

museum. The young people
were joined by other
historically-minded citizens,
and formed the Pontiac
Historical Society. The
Society gathered local
interest and raised funds to
buy the building, and have it
moved around the corner and
down the hill to the corner

of the Shawville Fair
Grounds. There the museum
stands today, still a vital
part of Pontiac County's
cultural memory.
   The delicate cassette
recordings are now being
digitized, to carry this
record a generation further
in time. Included in this

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