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The Shawville-Clarendon-Thorne Historical Record Project, 1973
Pontiac Historical Museum
Shawville , Quebec


   In 1972, a group of young
people, through an
Opportunities for Youth
grant, undertook to create a
record of the life stories
and reminiscences of elderly
folk in the central Pontiac
region. They enlisted the
cooperation of residents from
around the area, and

interviewed and photographed
them at their homes. These
entries represent a glimpse
of the record that was
created; young people asking
older folks to tell about
their childhood memories, and
reaching back to tales that
had been passed down to them
as children.

   Photography played a big
role in creating this record.
Most of the interviewees were
photographed in black and
white at their homes, though
some submitted photos from
other sources. Additional
photographs were taken of
business buildings, mostly
within Shawville. A major

addition to the historical
record was the discovery of a
cache old glass plate
negatives. Charles Dickson,
project photographer, made
good use of the darkroom
facilities at his family's
business, the Equity
newspaper, to make prints
from these negatives. A great

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