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The Daniel Dodge Tragedy
Old Mill Heritage Centre
Kagawong , Ontario


   The Daniel Dodge Tragedy
Exhibit is a compilation of
pictures and video collected
about the life and death of
Daniel Dodge. Danielís
father John Dodge was the co-
founder the Dodge Motor
Company in Detroit. After
passing away in the 1920s,
his widow sold the business

for $146,000,000 and the
fortune was divided among the
family. Danielís share was
estimated at about $9,500,000
in 1938.
   Daniel was an adventurer
and liked the outdoors, which
is what brought him from
Detroit to Maple Point near
Kagawong, Ontario on

Manitoulin Island in Canada.
The family owned a spacious
lodge on Manitoulin Island
that young Daniel would visit
often by plane, boat and car.
In 1936, nineteen year old
Daniel met and fell in love
with a girl from the
neighbouring town of Gore
Bay, Ontario. Her name was

Laurine MacDonald and she was
a seventeen year old
telephone operator making
around $15.00/week. They
courted for about two years
then married on August 3,
   Thirteen days later, 21
year old Daniel was dead.
The official story was that

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