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The Daniel Dodge Tragedy
Old Mill Heritage Centre
Kagawong , Ontario


Daniel and a caretaker were
playing with some old
dynamite when it went off,
injuring himself, the
caretaker, an assistant
caretaker and his new bride.
The group got in a speedboat
with another camp helper and
headed for Little Current for
medical attention. Somewhere

between Kagawong and Little
Current, Daniel fell or
jumped overboard and drowned.
The rest of the passengers
made it to Little Current and
   Danielís body was found
twenty one days later by two
fishermen. The search cost
$50,000 and included

seaplanes, dozens of men and
even a submarine that was
commissioned by the Dodge-
Wilson family. The autopsy
concluded death by drowning
and also that Daniel would
have survived the injuries
from the dynamite blast.
Daniel's bride of 13 days
inherited between $1.25 and

$2.5 million, fuelling
speculation over the years
that his death occurred under
suspicious circumstances.
However, no conclusive
evidence was ever presented.
This information and more
tells the story of Daniel

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