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Kirkland Lake: The Town That Made The NHL Famous
Hockey Heritage North
Kirkland Lake , Ontario


   Hockey is the heart of
Kirkland Lake. It is a small
mining town that became a
major contributor to the
National Hockey League. Many
more players went on to play
Junior, Senior, and
university level hockey.
Others played for no other
reason than the love of

skating down the ice while
chasing after a puck, a clear
example of this will be found
in the oral stories that were
related to us by former NHL
players. The memories of
playing on an outdoor rink
and the thrill of watching a
game between two local teams
in the old Lakeshore Arena

are still there. How did this
one town become such a hotbed
of hockey talent, and in turn
change the game of hockey
forever? This is answered by
the stories and quotes woven
throughout this project,
along with remarkable
photographs of the time
period covered here, it will

leave the reader with no
doubt that Kirkland Lake is
   Kirkland Lakers are proud
of their hockey history, and
the sport is woven through
the culture of this once
rough frontier town. From its
humble beginnings grew a town
and a community that was

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