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Kirkland Lake: The Town That Made The NHL Famous
Hockey Heritage North
Kirkland Lake , Ontario


passionate about the game, to
the point that hockey became
a social focal point to this
community, evenings and
weekends spent at the game
attended by parents and
relatives, hockey was and is
still a lifestyle of this

   No project is just one
person's effort. I would like
to thank the following people
who helped to make this
project successful: Richard
Buell, Nicholas Messier,
Thomas Barker, June Ward,
Mary Ann Thompson, Heather
McFarland - without your

contribution, this project
would not have been possible.
I also thank the many members
of the Kirkland Lake
community who loaned your
items and shared your
memories for this project. A
special thank you to everyone
at CHIN for their assistance,
and their guidance, over the

past year.
   Kelly Gallagher,
Municipal Curator for the
Town of Kirkland Lake

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