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Standing in Their Shoes, a story of growth and change at the Powell River Pulp and Paper Mill
Powell River Historical Museum & Archives Association
Powell River , British Columbia


   In 1908, Brooks and
Scanlon, lumbermen from
Minnesota, realized the power
generation potential of the
188 foot waterfall which fell
from Powell Lake and decided
to build and operate the
first pulp and paper mill on
the west coast of Canada.
They incorporated the Powell

River Paper Company in 1909;
the mill was constructed and
operations began. In 1912
the first roll of saleable
newsprint was produced.
   "The Company" as it was
known locally constructed all
the amenities needed to
attract and retain workers
and their families including

housing, a shopping facility,
school hospital, and social
and recreational facilities.
The international face of the
workers comprised a United
Nations of employees, each
one leaving their mark on the
   Log sorters, lumber
graders, sawyers and filers,

jigger man, stone sharpener,
cook, acid maker, blow pit
operator and a myriad of
other skills including
tinsmith, blacksmith,
patternmaker, and bricklayer
skills were honed and
sharpened to make top quality
paper and newsprint.
   These skills and

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