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Standing in Their Shoes, a story of growth and change at the Powell River Pulp and Paper Mill
Powell River Historical Museum & Archives Association
Powell River , British Columbia


occupations are quickly
disappearing and being
forgotten as technological
changes and market forces
change forever the face of
what at one time was the
Powell River Company.
   Known today as Catalyst
Paper Corporation, this mill
still produces paper in

Powell River, but without
many of the skills and
occupations listed above and
the sheer number of workers
who made up the United
Nations of employees.
Machinery is now
computerized, many human
skills are now duplicated by
robots, and the gut-feelings

that were the sensors of
quality control practiced by
years of hands-on experience
is not passed on through
Human Machine Interfaces.
   This Community Memories
exhibition features 400 oral
history tapes of employees
who worked at some of the
above jobs, and by marrying

the spoken word with texts
and photographs, the story of
what it was like to work in a
pulp and paper mill in an
earlier time is told.
   In 2010 the community
celebrates a hundred years
since the beginning of this
industry. Many changes
within the plant site as well

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