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The Changing Role of Jewish Women in Saint John
Saint John Jewish Historical Museum
Saint John , New Brunswick


1930s to the 1970s. Hadassah
continues today to be very
active in raising funds for
the work of Canadian Hadassah-
WIZO in Israel, for Youth
Aliyah, and for increasing
awareness of the Zionist
   Women were always
involved in running family

businesses in Saint John, but
with the opening of new
avenues for women beyond
traditional female
careersŚnursing, teaching,
and the homeŚwomen began to
run their own businesses,
attend university, and enter
the professions. The relaxing
of social barriers has meant

that Jewish women have become
involved as workers and
leaders in all areas of life
in the city.
   The women of the Saint
John Jewish community have
always been involved as
volunteers and as workers in
all facets of life, in both
the Jewish and the greater

community. Through words and
images, this exhibit
celebrates, documents and
illustrates their

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