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Arnprior through the eyes of a tourist's postcard
Arnprior and District Museum
Arnprior , Ontario


appeared as
chromolithographic prints
within an ornamental or
flower-embossed frame.
Picture post cards were also
popular and depicted
photographic portraits of
individuals and places. It is
generally accepted that they
became common place around

1893, as accessibility to
cameras became popular.
Towards the turn of the
century, postal restrictions
were relaxed and cards made
of material other than paper
were deemed acceptable. The
leather post cards are
examples of pryography
(burning) and give insight

into the humourous side of
early 20th century life. The
majority of the post cards in
the Arnprior and District
Museum collection are picture
post cards. They provide us
with a unique view of the
town through the eyes of a
tourist or resident who sent
news through the postal

system to friends and loved
ones. Visitors, residents and
itinerant workers alike could
send inexpensive views of
places of interest, of
historical and social events,
and even of themselves.
Today, these post cards
provide us with a unique look
into the history of Arnprior,

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