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Norris Arm: Those Pine Clad Hills
Norris Arm Heritage Museum
Norris Arm , Newfoundland and Labrador


   "When sun rays crown those
pine clad hills"Ö Such is the
story of Norris Arm,
Newfoundland, beginning in
the late 1800ís. The large
stands of pine enticed
several entrepreneurs to
settle and develop industries
in Norris Arm Ė including
sawmilling, shipbuilding,

railway and aviation.
   With an abundance of pine
timber, Norris Armís first
commercial sawmill was built
in the late 1800ís to the
early 1940ís. At the time,
there were only 3 known
owners of sawmills. The
capacity of the mill was
2,500,000 feet of sawn lumber

annually and employed on
average approximately 100
   One of the first known
businesses to operate out of
Norris Arm was the Norris Arm
Shipbuilding Company from
1877 to 1920. The business
was run in part by M.E.
Martin. A number of

schooners that were built
were used in the fishing
industry and for merchant
   By 1892 the Reid
Newfoundland Railway had
reached Norris Arm with its
construction. At the time,
there were 2 railway stations
-the first was used for

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