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Similar Journeys, Different Trails: One Destination
Trail Museum
Trail , British Columbia


Trail and in keeping them

   Contributors: Sarah
Benson, Rose Calderon, Jamie
Forbes, Greg Nesteroff, Lisa
   Interviewees*: Barb
Bowen, Dieter Bogs, Bob
Campbell, Leda Creegan,
Doreen Cusator, Alphonso
D'Arcangelo, Louise DeRose,

Frances E. Devito, Mario
Febbraio, Dick Field, Lodi
Forte, Louis Forte, Caroline
Ginter, Muriel Griffiths,
Elvira Guercio, Gertrude
Hall, Marilyn James, Albert
Krest, Stan Krewski, Marc
Marcolin, Shanta Martin,
Cliff McMartin, Isadore
Muzzin, Mario "Spuds" Pagnan,

Angelo & Louisa Pellizzari,
Sandy Santori
   *Not all interviewees are
featured in this exhibit.
   A special thank you to
the staff and residents of
Rose Wood Village, who helped
get this project off the
ground and offered their
financial assistance. Also,

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