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Millet- A Decade in Bloom!
Millet and District Museum and Archives
Millet , Alberta


   This exhibit demonstrates
the magnificent impact the
Communities in Bloom program
has had on Millet, Alberta
over the last decade. The
program, committed to
fostering civic pride,
environmental responsibility
and the beautification of
municipalities, invites cross-

country participation. Then,
a volunteer jury evaluates
the communities on tidiness,
turf, urban forestry,
landscaped areas, heritage
conservation, environmental
community involvement and
floral displays. When the
program announces winners at
a national award ceremony

every year, Millet has always
been a strong contender.
   In so many ways, "Millet
in Bloom" embodies the
community's pride, beliefs
and way of life. To celebrate
Millet's participation, the
Millet and District Museum
and Archives collected over
1,490 photos for the

exhibition, choosing the very
best and most significant to
include. The exhibition is a
way of acknowledging and
remembering the efforts of a
volunteer-driven community
while also informing the
world about "The Prettiest
Little Town in Alberta."
   Millet is promoting a

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