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Millet- A Decade in Bloom!
Millet and District Museum and Archives
Millet , Alberta


healthier, greener
environment at home and with
this exhibition, it hopes to
inspire other towns to
participate in the program.
The presentation further
serves as a means of
motivating young people to
pull together to work toward
a world that properly honours

culture, recreation, health
and conservation. Pretty
surroundings that foster well-
being create a strong sense
of community and give future
generations hope and a
feeling of excitement.

   The exhibit was created
by Kristin Delwo, Millet
Museum & Archives Intern and
Millet Public Library
Manager. Descriptions were
provided by Carol
Sadoroszney, Millet in Bloom
Volunteer Chair and
Utilities/Development Clerk-

Town of Millet along with a
little help from Arlene
Swedberg, Community Services-
Town of Millet. Support and
editing were completed by
Millet Museum and Archives
Director Tracy Leavitt and
Millet Museum Archives
Manager, Jean Scott.

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