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Residential Schools: The Red Lake Story
Red Lake Regional Heritage Centre
Red Lake , Ontario


   The history of Canada’s
residential schools was a
dark time in this country’s
history, but one that needs
to be understood to inspire
healing and compassion.
   “Residential Schools: The
Red Lake Story” was created
in the Fall of 2006 as a
physical exhibit to

complement the national
exhibition entitled “Where
are the Children? Healing the
Legacy of Residential
Schools.” This powerful and
emotional story of Red Lake’s
residential school survivors
received the full support and
cooperation of local,
regional and national

Aboriginal organizations,
chiefs and councils of many
First Nations communities,
Aboriginals and non-
Aboriginals from the region’s
community who were directly
or indirectly affected by
these schools.
   The information, archival
photos and direct quotes

focus on the two local
residential schools: McIntosh
Residential School near
Vermillion Bay and Pelican
Lake Residential School near
Sioux Lookout. In their own
words, survivors share their
life experience before,
during and after their time
spent in the Red Lake

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