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Residential Schools: The Red Lake Story
Red Lake Regional Heritage Centre
Red Lake , Ontario


Residential Schools. By
bringing the question of the
“Where are the Children”
exhibit into Red Lake’s
context, the community has
discovered their history and
the impacts of these
institutions on Aboriginal
children’s lives and identity
at that time, and how these

schools have continued to
shape the lives of those
living in the region today.
   The Red Lake Regional
Heritage Centre sincerely
hopes that visitors to this
exhibit will begin to
understand the connection
between the social problems
such as homelessness,

alcoholism, suicide and crime
that plague members of the
Red Lake community today and
the social dislocation that
was the legacy of the
residential school
experience. It is a time that
should not be ignored,
brushed aside or forgotten.
To fully understand our

community, we have to
understand our collective

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