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The Criddle/ Vane Legend & Legacy
Sipiweske Museum
Wawanesa , Manitoba


   In order to attract new
Canadians in the 1800's, the
Canadian prairies were
promoted as an opportunity
for free land and abundant
opportunities. This Community
Memories Exhibit is the story
of how one family sought
their fortune in Manitoba and
left a legacy that will be

long remembered.
   Percy Criddle, a wine
merchant from England and son
of an accomplished artist,
immigrated to Canada in 1882,
accompanied by his wife Alice
(née Nichol) and their four
children. On board the same
ship, in steerage class,
sailed Percy's first love

Elise and their five
   The families settled in
two tents on a quarter
section north of Wawanesa.
Overcoming the usual pioneer
hardships of disease, extreme
weather, hunger and
mosquitoes, the Criddle/Vane
family earned a reputation of

influence in the cultural and
scientific affairs of
Manitoba and of Canada.
Famous for the concerts,
dinners and sporting events
they hosted, the family also
made important scientific
   One son, Norman Criddle,
who worked for the Department

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