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The Criddle/ Vane Legend & Legacy
Sipiweske Museum
Wawanesa , Manitoba


of Agriculture in Ottawa,
invented the first pesticide
used on the prairies to
combat grasshopper plagues.
Norman also arranged for the
prairies' first entomology
lab to be built on the
Criddle/Vane homestead. Other
members of the family
compiled many scientific

papers on the nature of
insects, mammals and snakes.
As well, they developed new
strains of flowers and
vegetables and faithfully
recorded weather records for
over 60 years.
   Visitors to this exhibit
will enjoy touring the
challenges and

accomplishments of this
interesting, intellectual and
influential pioneer family.

   Sipiweske Museum, Claire
Kincaid, Marguerite Cory,
Criddle/Vane families,
Criddle/Vane Homestead
Heritage Committee, Alistair
Abell and Kevin Cullen.

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