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Celebrating Gaspesia's Proud Military Tradition
Bay Chaleur Military Museum
New Richmond , Quebec


Memories exhibit also tells
the stories of Gaspesians'
who volunteered for more
recent conflicts, including
the Korean War, the Cold War,
Vietnam, the Gulf War, the
current war in Afghanistan
and Iraq and peacekeeping

   This virtual exhibit
would not have been possible
without the dedicated support
of the Bay Chaleur Military
Museum's dynamic board of
directors. The individuals
who serve tirelessley on this
board have created this new
museum and have made it

flourish in this, its thrid
year of operation. Countless
individuals from the many
communities along the Gaspe
coast served by the museum
must be recognised and
commended for their support
of the museum, their efforts
to raise funds, amass a
collection, and volunteer

time have helped to make the
Bay Chaleur Military Museum
what it is today. This
exhitibt, and the museum
itself, is dedicated to the
many Gaspesian men and women
who have served this

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