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Celebrating Gaspesia's Proud Military Tradition
Bay Chaleur Military Museum
New Richmond , Quebec


   The Gaspe Peninsula has a
rich military tradition of
communities that have always
responded to the country's
call in an exemplary way, a
tradition preserved by the
Bay Chaleur Military Museum.
   This Community Memories
exhibit celebrates the
military history of the Gaspe

from its earliest times to
the world conflicts of the
present day and the effect of
these conflicts on the small
communities dotting the Gaspe
   The Gaspe's outstanding
military tradition goes back
to the 18th century when
local militias were formed to

guard the Bay of Chaleur from
the threat of American
privateers and pirates. At
the end of the 19th century,
Gaspesians served in the Boer
War, responding to Britain's
first call on the colonies to
support the motherland. In
the major conflicts of the
20th century, Gaspesians'

role is detailed, reflected
in the many individual
stories, unique artifacts and
photographs from both World
Wars that the museum has
collected, treasures the Bay
Chaleur Military Museum is
eager to share with a much
wider virtual audience.
   Finally, this Community

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