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"Number Please" The Davis Telephone Company - Rural Communication History
Bonnechere Museum
Eganville , Ontario


   From 1954 to 1960, the
company began to modernize
with dial stations and common
battery operations, buying
out those small phone
companies that did not want
to upgrade to the current
standard. By 1961, with the
company well on its way to
complete modernization,

Leslie Davis was faced with a
sizeable capital expenditure
to convert the large
Eganville exchange to a dial
system. But after 50 years in
the business, Leslie Davis
wanted to retire and sold the
family business to the Bell
Telephone Company on August
31, 1961. Sheldon Davis

continued to work for Bell in
Pembroke until his
   The evolution of the
Davis Telephone Company
reflects the modern
development of the telephone
system, communications that
brought better security for
emergencies such as fire,

illness, and injury.
Telephones also made for
easier business
communications and social
interaction with neighbours,
friends and family.
Telephones became a happy
part of everyday life.

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