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Scottish buildings of urban and rural Pictou
Hector Exhibit Centre
Pictou , Nova Scotia


   Nova Scotia’s, Pictou
County, and in particular,
the Town of Pictou, boasts
some the finest examples of
Scottish nineteenth century
architectural heritage to be
found in North America. This
is particularly evident in
the case of the sandstone
houses. It is the stonework

of the Scottish masons that
truly charms and awes first
time visitors.
   The tradition of building
in this material and style
leads all the way back to the
'Old County' and that fertile
time of growth and change
called the "Scottish
Enlightenment". The

Enlightenment produced many
great innovations in science,
politics, philosophy,
economics and architecture.
The most famous Scottish
Enlightenment architect was
Robert Adam (an early
proponent of the Neo-
classical style in Great
Briton) but, it was in the

hands of the more humble
mason/architects that the
domestic style took shape in
   Throughout the early and
mid-nineteenth century,
Pictou was a major emigration
port and settlement area for
waves of predominantly
Highland Scots. They brought

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