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Scottish buildings of urban and rural Pictou
Hector Exhibit Centre
Pictou , Nova Scotia


many skills with them, not
least of which was masonry.
In the 1838 Pictou County
census there are 21 "heads of
household" who list their
primary occupation as
"Mason". Not only did they
bring the skills and
traditions, but they found
the necessary raw material;

fine workable sandstone, in
abundance. Soon they began to
recreate the familiar
domestic landscape of the
homeland in both the town and

   1.Made possible with
support from CHIN & HRDSC
   2.All recent photos and
all text by; Lori Johnston,
Tara MacDonald or Darrell
   3.Special thanks to the
Pictou Historical Photograph

   4.An extra special thanks
to all the owners who allowed
us access to the beautiful
interiors and special
features of their well-loved

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