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Ashes and Rebirth: St. Mary's Ferry/North Devon
Fredericton Region Museum
Fredericton , New Brunswick


   In the year of Our Lord,
1950, a certain James
Elbridge Russell Haines* of
Ontario being of a certain
age and having completed a
successful career, decided to
search for his surviving
relatives in New Brunswick.
James was aware that his
father Elbridge Haines had

left a place called St.
Mary's Ferry in New Brunswick
in 1919. James' father often
spoke of the little village
where he had been born and of
the influence of the Haines
family in the area.
   So one day after due
preparation James Haines
travelled by train to

Fredericton, New Brunswick.
Early the next morning he
travelled across the highway
bridge and began to make
inquiries at the local
businesses. He stopped at
Bowlen's Store on St. Mary's
Street and as luck would have
it he was soon introduced to
Fred Haines who had come into

the store to get his mail.
   Fred was 73 years old and
he knew the history of the
vicinity well. He soon
deduced that James and he
were first cousins once
removed. It was decided that
Fred would take James on a
tour of this part of
Fredericton so James could

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