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Ashes and Rebirth: St. Mary's Ferry/North Devon
Fredericton Region Museum
Fredericton , New Brunswick


become more aware of his
family connections.
   Fred stated, "Although I
have never moved in my
lifetime, I have lived in
three places. This village
was first called St. Mary's
Ferry, in 1917 it became
North Devon and in 1945 we
became part of Fredericton.

Our family was very involved
in its growth from running
the ferries, the construction
of the bridges, and in the
rebuilding of the community
after the fires of 1882,
1892, 1893 and 1894. You are
related to many of the people
who live here because
Grandfather Whitman Haines

had thirteen children. I
remember some of the older
people. I am going to
acquaint you with your
ancestors in this community,
the fires that destroyed the
village and the main
buildings that are here
today. As well you will find
that although the people who

moved here were predominantly
of British background, there
is also an Indian reservation
and a Lebanese community. We
will start with that river
crossing you made this
   *James Elbridge Russel
Haines was a real person;
however, his journey to

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