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Schools 1910-1991 South Central Saskatchewan
Assiniboia and District Historical Museum
Assiniboia , Saskatchewan


   The early settlers in
South Central Saskatchewan
had their priorities right.
After building their humble
home and a shelter for the
domestic animals, their next
concern was the education of
their children. In many
instances the families would
have been immigrants who

would know the importance of
being fluent in the English
language, and school was
where the process would
   A school board would be
formed with a chairman who
would then petition the
Provincial government to
establish a school district.

Once that was granted,
debentures had to be sold,
which provided capital to
build the one-room school, a
stable, etc. In some
instances a well had to be
   School districts were
founded fairly close
together, allowing a distance

of approximately four miles
between each district so that
a child could walk to school.
This close proximity made
for a tight community of
around a dozen families.
   A teacher would be hired
who would usually be female,
as this was one of a few
occupations open to women in

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