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Schools 1910-1991 South Central Saskatchewan
Assiniboia and District Historical Museum
Assiniboia , Saskatchewan


these times. They would
“board and room” with one of
the families until the School
Board could have a teacherage
built on the school grounds.
Quite frequently the teacher
would marry a bachelor in the
vicinity which would mean the
end of her career – a rule of
this era.

   The school was not only
the centre of learning; it
was also the social hub of
the community for the adults.
Many weekends during the off-
season of agricultural
duties, local musicians would
form a band and provide music
for dances. Card games –
whist was popular – were held

for entertainment or possibly
as fundraisers. It was the
largest centre in the area
for weddings. A baseball
diamond used by students was
also used by adults –
remember there was no
television; one depended on
community for recreation.
   The school may have been

in some instances a gathering
place of like-minded faithful
who would hold Sunday
services and Sunday school
until a church was built.
The space was available to
hold weddings, which
generally included the whole
school district. Several
schools in some districts

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