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The Dieppe Memorial Project
Canadian Historical Aircraft Association
Windsor , Ontario


   On August 19, 2006,
veterans of the Essex & Kent
Scottish Regiment gathered on
the shores of Dieppe to
unveil a new memorial
commemorating Canada’s
contribution to what was one
of the costliest battles in
our history. From inception
to installation, The Dieppe

Memorial Project tells the
story of this magnificent
monument, and the stories of
the people who gave their
talent and time to realize
this historic event. It
celebrates veterans, family
and community members on both
sides of the Atlantic Ocean
who were able to participate

in the dedication ceremonies.

   "Just as the casualty
figures resulting from that
morning on August 19,1942
dramatically touched
virtually every family in
Windsor, Ontario and Essex
County so too did the Dieppe
Memorial Project reach out

and touch all parts of our
communities, permitting
through the overwhelming show
of support both a closure and
an opportunity for an
outpouring of appreciation, a
symbolic "hand shake" and pat
on the back to those who
represented our communities
so well in harm's way."

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