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The Dieppe Memorial Project
Canadian Historical Aircraft Association
Windsor , Ontario


   "The new memorial is an
exceptional testament to the
examples of physical courage,
sacrifice, devotion to nation
and community, selflessness,
professionalism and devotion
to duty that our citizen
soldiers demonstrated to us
on 19 August 1942 and by
their subsequent actions

following the landings in
Normandy in 1944."
   Lt.-Col. Phil Berthiaume
   Windsor Star
   Dec. 30, 2006

    The Canadian Historical
Aircraft Association would
like to thank the many
individuals and groups on
both sides of the Atlantic
Ocean who were vital to this
project - S.Michael Beale,
William Beale, Ed Bernard,
Dan Moynahan, Dave Woodall,

and their dedicated staffs,
Rory O'Connor, The University
of Windsor, members of The
Essex and Kent Scottish with
special mention to L Col.
Phillip Berthiaume. Thank you
to the Minister and his staff
of the Department of Veteran
Affairs for their exceptional
support. We would also like

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