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Albert County Heritage
Albert County Museum
Hopewell Cape , New Brunswick


   “Albert County Heritage”
takes you on a journey back
in time to show you a glimpse
of the history of picturesque
Albert County, New Brunswick.
Our story recounts the
legends of the local First
Nations, as well as the story
of Pierre Thibodeau and the
founding of the first Acadian

settlements in the area. As
you move through the story,
you will learn about the
expulsion of the French in
1755, and the subsequent
arrival of German and
Loyalist settlers. Don't
forget to read about the
pirates! You can also read
about the Irish settlers,

whose arrival in the early
1800s helped to fuel the
economic boom in New
Brunswick years later.
   This presentation equally
tells the story of the major
industries of the area,
including lumbering,
shipbuilding and mining.
Don't forget to read about a

very special mineral,
"Albertite," unique to Albert
County. As you read on, we
will not only tell the
history of the county, but
spotlight the life and times
of the people who lived
there. Did you know that the
only New Brunswick-born Prime
Minister of Canada was from

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