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Albert County Heritage
Albert County Museum
Hopewell Cape , New Brunswick


Albert County?
   Where possible, we have
included original pictures to
show you the faces and places
mentioned in the stories. We
hope that this will help the
words you read come alive. If
you ever have an opportunity
to visit picturesque Albert
County, please remember to

visit the Albert County
Museum, located near the
famous Hopewell Rocks, and
learn more about what you
have read here. While at the
museum, don't forget to visit
the Court House and Jail to
see the location where Tom
Collins was held and tried
three times for the murder of

Mary Ann McAuley. Just
remember not to accidently
get locked up in one of the
jail cells.
   If you have questions,
comments or corrections about
what you read, please contact
us at

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