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Booze in Old Town Toronto
Enoch Turner Schoolhouse
Toronto , Ontario


   Beer, wine and 'spirits'
have long been part of the
human experience. As the
muddy town of York was
struggling to become the
metropolis of Toronto, booze
was an important component of
life, commerce, manufacturing
and economics. In a
burgeoning urban environment

where basic access to clean
water was not guaranteed,
fermented and distilled
drinks were popular with
citizens. And many early
residents of York, which
became Toronto in 1834, made
their own alcoholic drinks in
small scale brewing
operations. As the

population grew, so too did
the business of booze -
frequently incorporating both
beer and distilled products.
Breweries and distilleries
could be found throughout the
community and ultimately
became an important part of
the local economy.
   By the mid to late 19th

century, numerous large
manufacturing plants produced
large quantities of alcohol
and beer for both local and
export markets. At the same
time, an extensive,
counterbalancing force was to
be found in those
organizations that promoted
temperance. In fact, alcohol

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