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Booze in Old Town Toronto
Enoch Turner Schoolhouse
Toronto , Ontario


did pose problems for many
people who became caught in
its addictive web. While
society attempted to find a
balanced approach to booze,
the industrialized
manufacture of it spurred
significant developments in
banking, railroads, shipping
and more, with fiscal

stability for its many

   Thanks to the following
for their contributions to
this project:
   Douglas Worts -
researcher, writer and
producer of the project
   Financial supporters of
'Booze in the Old Town':
   - Civitas Cultural

Resources, Toronto, Canada
   - Informa Market Research
Co. Ltd., Toronto, Canada
   - Gooderham & Worts
Neighbourhood Association,
Toronto, Canada
   - Mill Street Brewery,
Toronto, Canada
   For contributions of
historical insights and other

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